OCA Ensayos, Inspecciones y Certificaciones Chile S.A., the first OCA Global's company in the country, was founded at the beginning of 2014 with the main objective of meeting the Chilean's market demands. This market needs a service increasingly comprehensive, competitive, effective and agile.

Today OCA Global has 4 companies in Chile with over 250 employees, allowing to cover all kind of needs of the industrial, forestry, mining and energy markets.

Nowadays and due to its great growth during the the last years, OCA Global Chile has its central quarters in Providencia, the area with the greatest economic activity of Santiago, in order to create more proximity with our customers.

OCA Global Chile and its portfolio of services allows us to provide national coverage from Arica to Punta Arenas, providing solutions with a wide range of assistance services for investment or operability projects for the sectors of Oil & Gas, Energy, Industry, Automotive, Mining and Environment.

Nowadays, OCA Global Chile has 4 different business lines, each one headed by its Division Manager:

  • QA & Technical Assistance
  • Industry & NDT
  • Natural Gas
  • Consulting & Environment

Our multidisciplinar team has wide experience and knowledge in order to lead the most complex projects in different disciplines.

No matter the challenge, our experts have the most recent information and know the cutting-edge technology, so we guarantee the best solution with the best service.