We help our customers maximize the quality and efficiency of their processes, projects and products, as well as to reduce risks and avoid or minimize manufacturing errors.

QA & Technical Assistance

Quality Control is key in processes, projects and products, in order to guarantee the maximum quality and safety standards in every step. Through Quality Control, we help maximize quality and efficiency, reduce risks, avoid or minimize manufacturing errors and comply the requirements and standards stablished for each occasion.

Our Quality Control and Technical Assistance services focus on eight different sectors: industry, energy, distribution & utilities, construction & edification, environment, transport & logistics, public administrations and governments, and commodities.

Technical Inspection of Works
Quality Assurance and Control Services (QA / QC)
Services Programming and Control of Works
Quality Inspection and Audit Services for Supply Suppliers
Asset Integrity Verification Services according to RBI methodologies application
Predictive Inspection and Condition Monitoring Services for Rotating Equipment and Installations
Provision of technical personnel
Inspection of lifting equipment
Fleet Logistics Inspections
Utilities business services
  • Power cut & restocking
  • Commercial inspections
  • Inspection and Quality Audits of services to contractors
  • Change of meters
  • Emergency attention
  • Inspection of measurement equipment
  • Document reading and distribution


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