We carry out a diversified array of studies and training in the integral management of Energy Efficiency in all types of facilities, equipment and buildings, as well as advice on the implementation of international energy management systems.


OCA Global offers its clients complete project management solutions, ranging from the identification and implementation of EE measures to policy advice and capacity development. Over the years, we have gathered a solid experience of accompanying clients in their development process. Our approach ensures a long-lasting impact on our partners’ capacities to develop appropriate solutions to EE related issues.

Energy efficiency studies

Studies to evaluate the energy consumption and ways to improve the efficiency of energy use at facilities, infrastructures and in corporate activities. Industry and buildings are the main target of our activities.

  • Assessment of industrial processes
  • Energy saving assessment
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies and proposals to improve energy efficiency
  • Integrity of power supply system
  • Improvement of process control and technology
  • Optimization of equipment/systems energy consumption
  • Evaluation of potential for energy savings
  • Energy efficient buildings and sustainable construction - WO
  • Training in energy management training
  • Lighting, HVAC systems improvement solutions
Energy planning

OCA Global assists companies in making the path to an effective savings of energy in all corporate activities.

  • Integrated energy management plans
  • Implementation and monitoring of energy management plans
  • Supervision and performance control of upgrading works and facilities
  • Inspection and testing of buildings, facilities and equipment
  • Electric mobility plans
Regulatory and Public Policies advice

OCA Global advices on energy saving policies, regulations and codes.

  • Identification of barriers to energy efficiency
  • Evaluation of policies, tariffs and other mechanisms to promote efficient use of energy
  • Comparative analysis of energy efficiency policies and regulations at region/country level
  • Capacity building: training programs, mentoring programs, organization of study tours, e-learning tools and modular courses
Compliance with Voluntary and Regulatory Standards (ISO 50001, LEEDS, and other)

The implementation of energy management standards leads to reduction of costs and a better corporate reputation.

  • Implementation of recognized or ad-hoc energy management standards to all sectors
  • Evaluation, pre-auditing of energy management plans
  • Techno-economic assessment to implement corrective actions
  • Capacity building of corporate staff on energy management plans

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