We address the technical, management, enabling environment, regulatory challenges for the development of new water, waste and desalination infrastructures and for the management of natural assets

Environment and infrastructures

In the light of climate change and current political agenda, OCA Global provides multifaceted solutions to manage our environment and related infrastructures in a long-term sustainable way, not only to tackle with increasing GHG emissions and complex environmental impact issues but also in ensuring infrastructures are designed and managed safely and efficiently for the benefit of populations and industries.

Urban Environment

OCA Global is able to provide a full range of technical services in regard to urban environment related infrastructures in key processes critical for cities and industries in waste, water and air quality management areas. We provide a full range of services covering the whole project cycle from basic identification and feasibility studies, to full feasibility and bankability studies, supporting tendering processes, construction, operation and maintenance and infrastructures impact evaluation.

  • Water and Sewage Treatment
  • Waste management, including recycling and circular economy approaches
  • Air quality modelling and management and emissions control
  • Cost and Benefit Analysis
Natural Environment

Natural environment is under threat. Not only the accumulation of GHG is causing climate change all over the world at an increasing speed causing serious economic, social and political concerns, but we are assisting at the the degradation of fragile ecosystems and the loss of arable lands, approaching a point of no return in key environmental areas.

OCA Global is experienced in providing technical advisory services for identifying, designing and implementing policies and programmes aimed at natural resources and ecosystems management and conservation. We also care of providing the required environmental impact analysis of infrastructures construction and operation worldwide across sectors (energy, waste, oil&gas, etc).

  • Environmental and social impact assessments
  • Natural Resources and Ecosystems management and conservation
  • Design and implementation of sustainable forest management projects (including REDD+)
  • Compliance assessment an auditing of the implementation of the FLEGT regulation and other certification systems
  • Design and development of environmental education and communication activities and campaigns

Featured projects

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