We support public institutions and private entities in triggering their economic development in a sustainable and innovative manner, facilitating the adoption of new low carbon technologies and blue and circular approaches

Sustainable economy

Developing countries have experienced large economic growth rates and major social advances in recent years. However, challenges continue to be huge in a continuously evolving worldwide economic scenario, where new concerns arise for emerging countries willing to consolidate their mid-income status and developing countries trying to reach their next development level. In parallel, developed economies, through green, circular and blue economy approaches, are undertaking a profound transition of their productive structures, aiming at accelerating the transition towards more efficient and non-emitting sources of energy to reach full decarbonisation of their economies.

OCA Global, through its Sustainable Economy Division, focuses its efforts on promoting a low carbon, resource efficiency and socially inclusive green economic growth and reducing the social unbalances in emerging, developing and developed countries, while advocating for sustainable and environmentally friendly economic and social policies, laws and regulations.

International trade and private sector development

OCA Global provides services to consolidate and expand countries economic access to international trade markets and to ameliorate the competitiveness and exports of SMEs in emerging and developing countries.

  • International trade policies and legislation (WTO, regional agreements, customs unions, etc.)
  • Trade-related infrastructure
  • Competitiveness and Export development strategies
  • Technical Barriers to Trade
  • Regional economic integration
  • Market studies (sectorial, geographic, etc.)
  • Technical assistance to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development
Food safety

OCA Global provides services to stimulate growth, reduce poverty and protect human health by means of designing policies on food safety and implementing sanitary and phytosanitary standards.

  • Food Safety policies and legislation
  • National Food Safety systems (surveillance and control, production requirements, residues monitoring, etc.)
  • Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards
  • Sustainable Agricultural development
Quality infrastructure

OCA Global expertise in carrying out inspection, conformity assessment and certification activities under the most stringent accreditation requirements, enables our teams to provide highly qualified technical support for the establishment and development of Quality Infrastructure policies, legislation and services worldwide, including laboratories design and development.

  • Quality and Environmental Management Systems
  • Design and implementation of product and service standards
  • Technical Assistance for obtention of international Accreditation (mutual recognition, labs, EU market access, etc).
  • Tecnical Assistance on Quality Infrastructure policies, legislation and services (Metrology, Standardisation, Accreditation, Conformity Assessment, Testing and Quality Management)
  • Design and set up of Laboratories.
Low Carbon Sectors And Technologies

OCA Global supports the transition towards efficient and non-emitting energies to reach full decarbonisation, including in the developed economies.

  • Decarbonisation plans at sectorial level
  • Identification of potential Low Carbon businesses
  • Low Carbon and Clean Technology Transfer
  • Transition to Low Carbon production methods
  • Cost-benefit analysis for pilot projects
Blue & circular economy

OCA Global is experienced in the promotion of blue and circular economies through the design of circular solutions, business models and roadmaps at company level and of policies and multi-year action plans at national and regional level.

  • Circular & Blue Economy policies, plans, roadmaps and related legislation
  • Cleaner production practices
  • Resource efficiency Circular business models
  • Sustainable consumption
Trade Facilitation & Customs
  • Transit and movement of goods
  • Customs IT systems (National Single Window)
  • Customs and tax intelligence
  • Risk management
  • Customs legislation

Featured projects

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