Inspection and Marine Services

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OCA Global’s Inspection and Marine Services division offers a wide range of services as Marine Surveyors and Superintendents for the maritime industry at international level, as well as other solutions and services.

In order to provide an efficient, reliable and global service to our customers, not only we have the best professionals in our team, but we also have a wide network of offices, collaborators and top-level partners at international scale, being able to cover more than 50 countries.

Our inspection and control services for commodities include all products derived from cereals, fertilizers, iron, paper, and many others, as well as all types of vegetable, raw and refined oils.

Besides, we offer a wide range of services to shipping lines, traders, logistics operators, port terminals or custom offices and governments.

Moreover, OCA Global is recognised as a Superintendent Member approved by GAFTA and FOSFA.


The Inspection and Marine Services division in OCA Global was consolidated in 2018 with the acquisition of ZURMAR (ZURRIOLA MARÍTIMA S.L.U.), a company specialised in the inspection and quality control of ships and merchandise in the marine sector. ZURMAR was founded in 1997 in San Sebastián (Spain), starting its activity in Puerto de Pasajes, although it rapidly expanded to other Spanish ports in Barcelona, Tarragona or Seville, as well as to the west coast of France and to the main ports in Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

OCA Global shares the same values that have accompanied ZURMAR over the years – our goal is to provide efficient quality services, always taking into consideration our customers’ needs.

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