OCA Global Egypt's mission is to provide continuous improvement in food safety management systems in order to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to the consumers, by means of reducing food safety risks and developing competences and capacity building.

Food safety and hygiene

Consumers are becoming more aware and more demanding over health and safety issues when it comes to food and brand loyalty. This encouraged companies to show their commitment to uphold a safe and hygienically acceptable establishment.

For this reason, OCA Global Egypt is committed to support all restaurant outlets, hotels and resorts to achieve the highest standards in food hygiene, food handling, cleanliness and many other aspects to ensure the quality of the service, both to our clients and the final customers.

Our unannounced food hygiene audits are carried out by our team of qualified, highly-educated and experienced experts and auditors in the field. Our teams are equipped with the latest up-to-date testing equipment and highly advanced inspection technologies, which enable them to achieve the most accurate results and superb quality.

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