Testing services are the core of our company, with a wide range of services that can be adapted to any client and can follow different specifications (CE, ISO, ASME, ASTM, etc.). We rely on the most advanced equipment and on a diligent, flexible team of experts around the world.


Testing services conform OCA Global Egypt's main business and its core focus. We offer a wide range of testing services and we count on a large team of professionals worldwide, capable of working quickly and of moving wherever they are required.

We are one of the fastest growing companies in our sector, we have a flexible team and structure, and our reaction times are among the shortest in the market. We can solve our clients' problems anywhere and leave a satisfaction mark on each one of them.

We also count on a modern testing equipment, on great instructors for our courses and on the most professional auditors.

Non-Destructive Testing Services (NDT)
  • Radiographic Testing
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Positive material Identification
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Visual Inspection
Advanced Non-Destructive Testing Services (ANDT)
  • UT Phased Array
  • Acoustic Emission
  • Guided Wave
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • Pulsed Eddy-Current
  • Time of Flight Diffraction

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