Through our statutory inspection services, we help our costumers reduce risks and comply the necessary regulatory requirements of the Peruvian market.

Statutory Inspection

In OCA Global we rely on our professional team, the best in the sector, and we organise our services and resources to meet our customer’s demands.

In order to guarantee quality and integrity, your facilities, equipment and material need to comply some voluntary and legal requirements. We offer statutory and voluntary inspections to help you meet the quality and performance requirements, whether statutory, voluntary or related to customers’ demands.

Statutory Inspection
  • Gas facilities and distribution
  • Storage tank inspection
  • Dangerous goods transportation
  • CSC container inspection
Periodic testing
  • On electrical installations
  • On pressure vessels
  • On lifting equipment
  • On fire safety equipment
CE Marking
  • Construction products
  • Lifting equipment
  • Pressure equipment


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