Health and safety is a core value and an absolute commitment at OCA GLOBAL. We work with you for a responsible and safe operation.

Health, Safety and Environment Services (HSE)

At OCA GLOBAL Portugal, we offer specialized solutions in the area of Safety, Health and Environment, contributing with our service to the productivity, well-being and safety of workers and the regulatory compliance of our customers.

We generate and promote a culture of safety and health at work, motivating each of our employees to assume responsibilities and actively comply with safety standards that promote healthy and safe environments for all.

Thanks to our extensive know-how and range of services, we can offer our customers comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs at all times.

HSE in project planning
  • Environmental site assessment / Site selection.
  • Acoustic and vibration studies.
  • Studies and monitoring of soil and water.
  • Ecological and biodiversity studies.
  • Social impact studies.
  • Environmental impact study (EIA), environmental diligence, strategic environmental assessment).
  • Environmental and Social Base Studies.
Designs and permissions
  • Consultancy on HSE regulation.
  • Support in the preparation of applications for municipal authorizations and associated documentation.
  • Review the complete building permit application for compliance with international and local codes and regulations.
  • Specialized support to interested parties.
Risk assessment and management
  • Preliminary risk analysis.
  • Process risk analysis:
    • AZOP (Hazard and Operability Study).
    • What if?
    • Verification list.
    • Event tree analysis.
    • Fault tree analysis.
    • Determination of risk matrices.
  • Consequence analysis.
  • Qualified technical opinion to assess the risk analysis.
  • Qualified technical opinion to evaluate initial and detailed engineering.
  • Pre-start safety review.
  • Process safety management (PSM).
  • Classification of hazardous areas.
HSE management under construction
  • Preparation of the HSE plan.
  • On-site inspections and daily monitoring of construction activities to ensure compliance with the safety level.
  • Supervision of contractors and subcontractors.
  • Adherence to HSE requirements and legal customer requirements.
  • Improved safety culture, training of local staff and awareness campaigns, toolbox lectures, safety tours.
  • Security audits of own personnel and contractors.
HSE support in operational assets
  • Advice and support on HSE regulatory compliance in the workplace.
  • Studies of exposure to physical agents.
  • Studies of exposure to chemical agents.
  • Measurement of air quality and ventilation.
  • Occupational health, fire safety, workplace safety.
  • Monitoring for compliance with ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 standards.
  • Inventory of fixed fonts.
  • Safety Process Management (PSM) / OHSAS 29 CFR Part 1910.
  • Process risk analysis (HAZOP, LOPA, QRA, among others).
  • Establish processes and procedures.
  • Identification of critical process safety equipment.
  • Incident investigations.
  • Root Cause Analysis.
  • Emergency and response planning.
  • Compliance audits.
Evaluations for environmental regulatory compliance
  • Environmental compliance consultancy and support.
  • Environmental monitoring of infrastructure and facilities in operation.
  • Air monitoring.
  • Soil studies.
  • Waste analysis.
  • Water monitoring.
  • Monitoring of noise emissions.
  • Surveillance of the impact of fauna and flora.
Evaluations for regulatory compliance in occupational hygiene
  • Scope of physical agents:
    • Monitoring of workers' exposure to noise.
    • Monitoring workers' exposure to extreme temperatures.
    • Monitoring of earthing systems to which workers are exposed.
    • Monitoring workers' exposure to mechanical vibrations.
    • Monitoring the levels of lighting and reflection to which workers are exposed.
    • Monitoring of non-ionizing radiation in the work environment.
    • Study of psychosocial risk factors.
    • Study of ergonomic risk factors.
  • Scope of chemical agents:
    • Monitoring of chemical contaminants in the work environment:
      • Vapours and gases.
      • Breathable, inhalable and thoracic powders.
      • Metals.
      • Mists and aerosols.
      • Asbestos fibres.


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