At OCA GLOBAL Portugal, we ensure the integrity of your merchandise, guaranteeing quality throughout the supply chain.

Marine & Commodities Inspection

At OCA GLOBAL Portugal, we offer a wide range of services at an international level.

Our Maritime Goods and Services Division covers all products derived from cereals, fertilizers, iron, paper, and many others and all types of vegetable oils, crude and refined.

We also offer a wide range of services for shipping companies, traders, logistics operators, port terminals, customs, and governments.

Inspection and Control
  • Quality and quantity control.
  • Pre-shipment inspection.
  • Visual inspection.
  • Loading, unloading and weighing inspection.
  • Merchandise inspection.
  • Weight inspection.
  • Delivery/return inspection in ship rental.
  • Cleaning inspections.
  • Inspection of containers and CSC.
  • Control, monitoring and inspection of warehouses, stowage and condition
  • Packaging
  • Brands
  • Count
Condition and Sampling
  • Defined sampling (GAFTA, FOSFA, INCOGRAIN, FCC, etc.)
  • Checking the quality and condition of goods
  • Physical analysis of bulk and or bagged raw materials
  • Accredited laboratories
  • Analysis and features
Technical Assistance and Solutions
  • Customs and formalities.
  • Maritime assistance.
  • Provision of personnel for port operations.
  • Terminal management.
  • Assessment and projects.
  • Merchandise shortages investigation.
Insurance companies
  • Fault inspection.
  • Damage assessment.
  • Insurance experts.
  • Maritime inspectors.
  • P&Is


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