We help our clients to reduce risks and comply with regulatory requirements in the Portuguese market.

QA & Technical Assistance

Our high added value services guarantee the quality of processes, structures, components and materials, helping to improve our customers' processes and safeguarding the safety and integrity of their facilities, assets and projects.

Furthermore, thanks to our services, we guarantee full compliance with all corresponding rules and regulations, avoiding costs due to defects and delays and reducing risks.

All our services can be developed in person or virtually (through our different platforms), providing flexibility and allowing you to trace your processes correctly.

Supplier evaluation
  • Cost reduction by detecting processes that do not generate added value and can cause losses or delays.
  • Selection of qualified suppliers: They have the same philosophy as the company, complying with internal quality and service standards.
  • Prevent unqualified suppliers from participating in the supply chain.
  • Verification of suppliers: Proving that they have the necessary infrastructure and resources to ensure timely and agreed deliveries; as well as evaluating internal mechanisms to respond to the contracting company's needs.
  • Supplier's adherence to the sector's regulatory framework and the contracting company's requirements.
  • Avoid damage to the contracting company's image, due to improper use of supplies - products - processes, by the supplier.
  • Scale the risks that the customer or the brand may have in each category of its suppliers.
  • Improve supplier practices in matters of: Quality, Safety, Environment, among others.
Solutions for service companies
  • Performance testing supervision.
  • Fraud control.
  • Service quality inspection and audit.
  • Assesments of business processes.
  • “Mystery Shopper”.
  • Inventory review.
Vehicle Logistics Inspections
  • Documentation control.
  • Supervision of logistical operations, loading and unloading.


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