Our team of professionals and the use of state-of-the-art technology provide the necessary tools for your equipment and projects in renewable energy.

Technical advisory for renewable energy

At OCA GLOBAL Portugal, we support the use of new, environmentally friendly technologies in energy generation. In this way, we have the best specialists in renewable energy to give you the necessary support, guaranteeing the continuity, quality and reliability that characterize us.

Currently, the operating costs of renewable energy are constantly evolving. With our Technical Assistance services for Renewable Energies, you will have the safety and the best performance of your assets and equipment, maintaining a responsible and lasting operation.

Support in the Conceptual Phase and Feasibility Studies
  • Resource availability studies and measurements (study of wind speed, solar irradiation, among others).
  • Location selection (Geographical Positioning, Construction Dimensions, Degree of Solar Irradiation, Land Use Permits, Mapping and Environmental Impact Study).
  • Social management (interaction with different stakeholders: the community, civil organizations, among others).
  • Consulting service in the engineering phase.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Review of areas of special attention and archaeological rescue.
  • Advice and assessments on HSE regulatory compliance.
  • Environmental compensation studies.
  • Security studies and access management.
Design Phase
  • Design review and design verification.
  • Contract engineering service.
  • Technical audits and supplier management.
  • Production estimation and business plan design.
  • Risk Management – ISO 31000.
  • Component certification.
  • Advice on grid interconnection.
  • Technical diligence.
Provisioning Phase
  • Monitoring the acquisition process.
  • Audit of manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Inspection services to manufacturers and suppliers.
  • QA/QC.
  • IR Thermography:
    • Fixed camera (strings, inverters, modules)
    • FLIR View + Mavic aerial drone.
  • Search for suppliers (Scouting).
  • Support in the bidding phase.
  • Factory acceptance tests (FAT).
  • Administrative support for supply management (Back Office).
  • Pre-shipment inspection service.
  • Testing laboratory.
  • Quality control of loading and unloading.
  • Quality wall in the manufacture of components.
Assembly, Construction and Commissioning Phase
  • Construction supervision: Construction and construction control, document control, civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control supervision, contract supervision, commissioning, HSE, planning, management, etc.
  • IR Thermography:
    • • Fixed camera (strings, inverters, modules).
    • FLIR View + Mavic aerial drone.
  • Corrosion studies on solar panel racks.
  • Mobile PV Laboratory.
  • Shipping (Shop & On Site).
  • Inspection of blades (DRONE UAV).
  • Final installation inspection.
  • QC in loading and unloading (component reception and warehouse management).
  • Review of technical documentation.
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • Advice and assessments on HSE regulatory compliance.
  • Work environment studies (Noise, Lighting, Radiation, among others).
  • Supervision of final acceptance tests - SAT.
PV Mobile Lab
  • Visual inspection.
  • Electroluminescence.
  • Infrared camera.
  • A+A+A+ solar simulator, according to IEC 60904-9
Operation and maintenance phase
  • Damage and breakdown analysis (root cause).
  • Periodic inspection (preventive maintenance and NDT's).
  • Performance checks.
  • End of warranty inspections.
  • UAV drone inspections.
  • Mobile PV Laboratory.
  • IR Thermography:
    • Fixed chamber (strings, inverters, modules)
    • FLIR View + Mavic aerial drone.
  • Monitoring the condition of lubricants.
  • Studies of the working environment (noise, lighting, radiation, among others).
  • Advice and assessments on HSE regulatory compliance.
  • HSE inspectors.
  • Environmental management.
  • Social management (interaction with different stakeholders: the community, civil organizations, among others).
  • Technical/financial due diligence.
  • Assistance with the purchase/sale of assets.
End of the installation life cycle
  • Dismantling assistance.
  • Assistance in component recycling, creating a truly sustainable energy solution.
  • Environmental studies: soil contamination.
  • Inventory of components (blades, sections, nacelle, transformers, MT cells).
  • Analysis of gas chromatography in electrical equipment for detecting PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).
  • Security studies and access management..


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