Consulting and Technical Advisory

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Scaling up Clean Energy and Sustainable Growth in fast-growing economies.

With more than 30 years’ experience, our Consulting and Technical Advising services division provides multidisciplinary services to support governments, project developers, financial institutions, capital equity investors and industrial corporations in making the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

Our strength lies in our multi-sectorial expertise combined with our ability to work at different levels of policy and project implementation ranging from the adoption of national strategies for sectorial reforms to the provision of tailored, technical and technological state of the art services to support for the development and implementation of sustainable infrastructures.

We help national governments in the adoption of strategies, legislations and regulations, as well as to initiate and undertake reforms in the fields of energy, climate change and sustainability.

We provide our independent consulting and engineering services to multilateral organisations and public and private corporations, covering from the initial conception of energy and environmental infrastructures to design, financing, construction, operation, warranty period, verification, commissioning, measurements, and tests. Moreover, we assist private project developers and capital equity investors in acquisition processes as owner’s engineers.

We are fully acquainted with the latest scientific and technological developments to assist customers in confronting economic uncertainty and technological change.

Fields of expertise