Our team

Our team is composed of talented young people and people with comprehensive knowledge of the sector, which provides OCA Global a perfect balance between innovation and experience.

We strongly believe that people are our most important asset, so we promote policies of equality and diversity, we continuously train our team and we also place special emphasis on work accident prevention policies to guarantee safety standards at work.

Our employees are committed to the group and our services, and in turn, they have our commitment as a group; we feel that we must offer a pleasant, healthy environment without discrimination of any kind – in this way we build trust and retain talent.

Because of the mutual trust between our staff and the group, we have a highly qualified, experienced and motivated team that feels identified with the values of OCA Global, and of which we are proud.


The safety and health of our employees is essential for OCA Global, we do everything in our power to improve the health and safety conditions within the company.